End-to-End Electronic Manufacturing Services form the core of our operations. We leverage our experience since 1999 in the electronics industry to form a results oriented partnership with our customers.
To guarantee our success we must first and foremost ensure the success of our customers in the most challenging of business climates. Whether customers require assistance with one vital aspect of a product's development, or a comprehensive outsourced solution for its entire lifecycle, EMT is well positioned to deliver.
We support a wide variety of customer requirements, from low-volume highly complex custom products to high-volume commodity products.
EMT is a manufacturing specialty company focused on advanced assembly and interconnect technologies for small form factor PCAs and MCMs, utilizing BGA, uBGA, CSP, Fine Pitch SMT, FCA and COB/COF. Our core services provide you with rapid access to leading-edge design and assembly technologies, while minimizing your own investment in development, production and personnel.