New Product Introduction - covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market
Development of systems from drawing and approval through characterization to mass production.
transition from development to production.
Investment in electronics companies.
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Recommendations in the circuit production phase:

We are a company that mainly assembles small series for large companies such as Intel, Marvell and also for start-ups.
For assembly pricing only a list of parts and graver files is required.
PCB Circuit Ordering:
The POS file has an angle that refers to a reference point in the circuit. You must understand that each component manufacturer places the components at a different angle. Some components come in a smooth ruler in the tray and some scrolls. It stems from the same component that comes from different packaging and consent software and all sorts of sources.
In general, there is no circle that we get from the largest and most orderly companies that do not undergo a thorough examination and there is no circle that does not have an update and a change in the angle.

It is important for anyone who plans to create a circuit to design a good panel and send the contractor a mask file from the circuit manufacturer only and not from the editor.
There is a tolerance funnel between cad tools that can produce a deviation in small, dense circles.
A margin of at least 5 mm is very important.
The method of separation after placement is critical consideration if there are components at the edge or the circuit to the extent that it is accurate.

Purchasing Services: Turmkey or not
Some companies have engineering procurement and warehouse services, and some prefer to receive this service from the contractor with whom they work negligible compared to the holding of these disciplines or the time value of the engineer or entrepreneur.
Manufacturing engineering for SMT

There are software programs in the engineering department that can take the placement and stamp file and check the matching of the selected components to the pads and the angle at which they were placed. A critical step is writing on the silk in the editing used for checking the direction of the components.
In the process of testing the construction of the software for placement and inspection there are many misses in the silk screen marking, we turn to the customer for clarification, waste of time the engineer on these errors is expensive, he needs to open editing files and information pages of the component to guide in which direction to put the component.
Another important process is to choose specific manufacturer cutters for each component. Component engineer can check whether you have selected the correct packing, if the description matches the P/N and in which packaging the component is sent for placement.
At this stage it is recommended to reduce the number of rows in the boom, not to increase the same value of a component in a different packaging size, values ​​of resistors and capacitors that can be United States by percentage of accuracy or value Throughout the production process, the pricing decreases according to the number of rows in the boom, at least from the point of view of purchasing components for programming and preparing the machine.