CP45 Neo - Manufacture by Samsung.

  • High Speed of 0.26 sec/chip featuring On-the-fly optical centering
  • Wide Coverage of component ranging from 0603 (0201) to QFP 42 mm
  • Taking full advantage of today's high performance direct-drive motor mechanism
  • 3 stage conveyor system improved PCB flatness
  • Quick responsive Z-axis structure reduces tact time to 0.26 sec/chip under optimal condition
  • The Simple structure of the rotational axis, Direct Drive Theta mechanism has improved reliavility and reduced maintenance works.
  • High accuracy detection through collecting information on pick-up posture using Linear CCD and gray scale image processing
  • Extended FIDUCIAL MARK process function Micro BGA and CSP are applicable
  • QFP:
    - 42mm (0.5 mm Pitch / with standard vision)
    - 17mm (0.3 mm Pitch / with optional vision)
  • Capable to accomodate maximum 104 of 8 mm Tape Feeder Up to 16 of nozzle pockets makes the machine applicable to various shapes of component
  • Watching the status of cover, pneumatic pressure, and feeder mounting, the systems stop the machine when any abnormal status occurs.
  • Independent 3 conveyor system enabled to reduce transfer time and to transfer steadly
  • Handles various size of PCBs, ranging from 50 x 30mm to 460 x 400mm
  • Cubic illumination enabled to handle BGA's and CSP's
  • Optimal illumination status can be memorized and revived when the component are picked up


VIP implements the design philosophies and proprietary technologies that have made BTU an acknowledged leader for surface mount reflow soldering. Complementing the Pyramax convection oven family with a 10-zone air and 5-zone air and nitrogen configurations, VIP rounds out BTU’s PCB assembly products. With a full range of features and options and backed by BTU’s worldwide direct service organization, VIP continues to provide a cost-effective performance.

Equipment Utilized in our PC Board Soldering

Electrovert Econopak 229 w/ WaveDynamics™ and Hydro-Cleaner H-515
Our NEW wave solder combo utilized in CEI's Thru-Hole PC Board mount assemblies that incorporates a demonized water supply. CEI is vertically integrated for customers with patch panel requirements.

Teradyne’s Summit 1100 and 1100HR

The Summit 1100™ series is a semi-automated rework system for BGA, CSP, and surface-mount devices using advanced 32-bit SierraMate™ for Windows® software. The simple 1-2-3 Go interface, AutoProfiling software, and precision alignment optics create exceptional accuracy and repeatability.
See also the new Summit 1100LX™ which accommodates board sizes up to 24" x 36", and provides a 2.75" top side clearance. The Summit 100HR is a high - resolution rework station that includes bundled features needed for higher precision placement applications.
High / low programmable top heater airflow, micrometer adjust x - y table positioning and higher magnification optocs are a few added features of the 1100HR.

Vision System
An automatic prism shuttle provides accurate and repeatable component alignment. The system simultaneously looks up at the component and down at the board, providing a composite alignment view. An optional split mirror allows the operator to see bumps, leads or PCB pads of large devices at a high magnification.

Independent pick-up mechanism
The pick-up tube operates independently of the heating nozzle, allowing precise placement force control and zero force removal.
The component pick-up tube features 360° theta control and automatic alignment height assuring proper focus and image magnification of components to be placed.


Board size:
Standard board handling

18" x 22"

Custom board handling available
Top side clearance
Bottom side clearance
Component size

24" x 29"
2.2" - optional 2.7"
Up to 1.5"
Max. 2" square
Min 0.01" square

Placement accuracy

0.0005 - 0.001" (12.5 - 25µ)

Rework applications

Passive components mSMD, flip chip, µBGA BGA, CGA, QFP, CSP, vertical connectors, straddle mount connectors CPU sockets.

Top heating
Bottom heating

Convection 1.6KW
Plenum hot gas


3.2 to 40x

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use SierraMate™ for Windows® Software
  • Fully automated process development
  • Quick and efficient large-area, high-power bottom heater
  • Adjustable Z-axis placement force
  • Automatic presentation and alignment of component to pick-up tube
  • High accuracy top heater for the ultimate in process control
  • High-resolution video viewing zoom optics and patented split imaging for easy alignment of large and small components
  • Independently adjustable light levels for component and board facilitate alignment
  • High-precision, linear bearing X - Y table
  • Independent X, Y, Z and _ controls for maximum control of the alignment process




Tin-Up™ is an innovative rework machine made to repair BGA, CSP and connectors through deballing and reballing, to reposition LGA or to modify their connection during assembly, test or PCB mounting.




Precise temperature control mechanism

Thermal profile controlled with precision thus avoiding thermal chocs

Number of reflow cycles can be increased, repair can be done safely

Automated de-soldering and de-balling system

No need to hand de-solder components thus avoiding finger burns and fumes

Save time and money, protect employees

Zero pressure de-balling

No damages to pads, no damages to substrate

Multiple component de-balling and re-balling capabilities

High volume repair capabilities

Low cost component can now also be repaired for reasonable cost

Preheating and automatic ball positioning system

Many operations performed at the same time, quick repair turnover

Reduced repair cost, increased savings

Easy to use

No heavy training

Flexibility and reduced labor cost



Temperature accuracy

± 5°C

Maximum Package Body Size

50 X 50 mm


Temperature accuracy

± 5°C

Maximum Package Body Size

50 X 50 mm